On Jan 10th, Beijing time, American wine Exporter Mike Quinton from Classic Design – Spirits and Wine has come to Juntao to visit President Mr. Shiwei Zhang and Meitao CEO Ms. Haiyan Zhang.

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During the meeting, they have talked about potential business co-operations including red wines, supplements and food products etc. In 2018, Juntao and Meitao are looking for a diversified development. We hope to seek for more good quality U.S. products (besides wines) and bring to China market.


Mr. Shiwei Zhang and Mr. Quinton have shared their thoughts on the differences between Chinese white wine and American red wines. It was a very pleasure communication on wines. Mr. Shiwei Zhang has also invited Mr. Quinton to taste Chinese national wine “Maotai”.


Entered in 2018, we have a new start, we have a new journey, and we look forward to a different year.