Meitao Trading is an international trading company, whose main business is importing and exporting goods and services between the United States and China. And for now, we are focusing on expanding our business for more variety, mainly by importing high quality products from the United States.

Services and Products

As our main business, we import high range of California wines from NAPA Valley, Sonoma Valley and the City of Paso Robles and export them to China. The primary goal of Meitao Trading is to enrich the variety of wine and provide high-quality wine to our consumers.

Corporate Management

As the CEO of Meitao Trading, Inc., Ms. Haiyan(Lily) Zhang has extensive marketing experience and outstanding leadership skills in the retail industry. Now Meitao Trading has three departments – Purchasing Division, Administration Division and E-Commerce Division.

Please contact us directly if you are a winery supplier and interested in exploring Chinese market. We all know China is the biggest developing country all over the world, and wine consumption is astonishing according to its large population. If you have the interest in exporting commodities to China, we believe our company is a perfect channel to start your international business. Hope we will work together in the near future!