On the afternoon of March 29, U.S. wine operator EVO hosted a wine tasting at our company’s Yongtai Wine Cellar, hosted by the EVO’s CEO Don Aonderson. He told us about the five California boutique wineries represented by our company, with 14 different producing areas and different varieties.


In the course of the tasting, CEO Don Anderson told the story of the wine house。 He made the guests of the scene have a better understanding of the boutique, and the good speech has really attracted us. As an excellent expert who has studied California wine region for more than 40 years, his professional dedication has deeply affected us and deserves our study.

DSC02360 DSC02286

The chairman of our Juntao company, Shiwei Zhang, gave a speech and analyzed the excellent prospects of American wine in the Chinese market. Our company imported high-quality, story-telling fine wines.


The guests were very interested. Don Anderson explained and tasted the wine, and then started the interactive process. All the guests shared their favorite wine and made a sensory description of the product.


On March 28, the new American wine (cabernet sauvignon by Woodbrige Mondavi ) with two containers arrived at our company, and the price was very good!

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Thank the American winery representative CEO Don Anderson for his hard work in Guangzhou. He trained the California wine knowledge for Juntao’s clients. CEO Don Anderson has a lot of experience and knowledge, and his presentation is very interesting. At the end of the training, everyone hope that Juntao company will hold such activities in the future so as to improve his/her knowledge about American wine!

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Finally, wish our company American wine hot sale! Cheers!