October 12, 2017, Guangdong Province Wine Association Membership Day activity was held in Meitao’s parent company, Juntao’s Yongtai Division Wine Cellar. As the supervisor unit in the Wine Association, Juntao hosted this event.

The theme of the event is “the importance of team building in management” and “American wine tasting and value sharing”. Executives shared their management experience and business philosophy over the years respectively regarding the company’s unified CI image, improving customers’ awareness of the enterprise, the essence of the enterprise team and the team’s development platform, as well as American wine tasting and values.

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Director of the Membership department of the Provincial Wine Association, Ms. Baixue did the opening of the meeting.



Following up, Juntao’s Director of Board assistant Ms. Shi Chunyan had made a speech addressing “the importance of team building in management” and shared the story of Juntao’s 18 years development.

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Second part was Juntao’s Director of Board, Mr. Shiwei Zhang shared his idea on understanding and analysis of American wines market.


Juntao’s marketing manager Mr. Yan Huikang introduced Juntao’s current wines.


Q&A Session

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Tasting and sharing thoughts.


Award-winning guests.

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Nearly 50 member companies have taken part in this activity. Juntao appreciates Wine Association’s trust and peer support. Mutual support and common development is our good wishes, and we wish Provincial Wine Association a brighter future and peer companies a booming success on their businesses!