US California time January 29th (January 2nd of Chinese Lunar New Year), Mr. Jianwei Zhang, Chairman of Board of Juntao Company, and Ms. Haiyan Zhang, CEO of Meitao Trading Inc. were invited to the private fashion show held by famous Chinese fashion designer Sue Wong at Zuma Beach, Malibu, California, to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year. They experienced a nice and exceptional fashion party for Spring Festival which has not only extent the great and profound Chinese culture, but also combined the Western fashion elements.

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After the fashion show, Mr. Jianwei Zhang indicated that, with the globalization accross the world today, cultural exchange between China and the Western countries is getting closer and closer. It is an inevitable trend that enhance economic communications between both sides as well. Juntao and Meitao need to keep pace with the times and make greater contributions to the development of economic trade and culture exchange between China and the US.