August 8th, after nearly 6 months of planning, “2017 China’s Top 100 High-end Wine Distributors” list was officially released. Meitao’s parent company –Guangzhou Juntao Trade Development Ltd. is on the list.

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“2017 China’s Top 100 High-end Wine Distributors” was a selection activity facing all wine distributors over China, which was co-organized by “China High-end Wine Exhibition Organizing Committee”, “Wine Industry Exhibition” and “Wine Industry Media” and sponsored by “China Association of Non-Staple Food Circulation”. “Tencent”, as the strategic partner, support the activity from beginning to the end.


The selection was based on three processes–referral or self registration, on-line voting and graded by third-party professional organizations. Through a fair, just and open way, excellent high-end distributors with the best brand reputation, the most terminal control, the best growth value and the most innovative value would be selected.


Mr. Lin Xiang, Chairman of China High-end Wine Exhibition Organizing Committee said that by hosting this activity, the Committee hopes to create a bridge and platform for high-end wine brands and high-end wine distributors, to enhance equal and efficient trade between producers and distributors and to help wine traders grasp the market trends as well as deepen the consumer market awareness and experience.


According to the organizing committee, distributors selected as “2017 China’s Top 100 High-end Wine Distributors” mainly sell medium to high-end wines, have annual sales revenue of fifty million RMB and up and are referred by at least three high-end wine producers.


Famous wine chain distributor in the industry, Chairman of Board of Guangzhou Juntao Trade Development Ltd., Mr. Jianwei Zhang said that the selection activity of “2017 China’s Top 100 High-end Wine Distributors” is a strong support for wine business, building up excellent wine distributors’ confidence and motivation and grouping these excellent wine distributors for a better and healthier industrial development.


According to the Committee, the selection activity of “China’s Top 100 High-end Wine Distributors” will be considered as key project of the Committee, which will be held once a year. 2018 selection is expected to be officially launched in March next year.