On March 19, Chengdu Chuntang reached a climax with several heavy activities. Among them, chairman Zhang Shiwei of our parent company was invited to attend the second Internet cloud business conference of new famous food products held by Chengdu OCG international conference center, and won the award of “Business Influencers of the Year”.

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The conference brings together dozens of Chinese wine industry chain, many have outstanding achievements in the field of Internet transformation alcohol food enterprise representatives and have the reality and the theory of dual power industry consultancy expert and strong economic scholars also join the meeting, they nearly 600 dealers and live together plan for “new business, new future”.


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This conference has attracted the attention of the industry precisely because it will present two of the most important industry awards. In the business of the year award segment. A group in the past few years with the exploration and innovation based on circle liquor retail chains, as well as traditional class wine merchants, have innovation spirit in the field of new retail Internet brand head was crowned.

At the award ceremony, the first on the left is chairman Shiwei Zhang of our parent company.

Guangzhou Juntao Trade Development co., LTD. Was established in 1999, with the chain of famous tobacco and famous wine as its main business and the concept of “honest management and brand building” as its development. After 19 years of steady development, the company owns nearly 20 chain stores, including Juntao famous tobacco and wine chain and liquor Youduo convenience store chain. Years of integrity and persistence, the vast number of consumers and government departments concerned have been unanimously affirmed and appreciated.

In 2014, Juntao company took advantage of the situation and established Meitao (USA) trading co., LTD., which is responsible for international purchasing in Los Angeles. Jiantao enterprise management co., LTD. “operation management and investment promotion” was established in Guangzhou headquarter. “Juntao, Jiantao and Meitao”, with the efforts of all the company’s colleagues and the care and support of the vast number of consumers, have realized the development of three “tao” and the steady progress of the situation.