In order to identify some problems and figure out the corresponding solutions, a summing-up meeting has been held on May 30th, 2016 to analyze the performance and sales data. The majority of our management attended this meeting.


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The leaders of chain stores and different departments reported their sales and working performance, and also shared their specific proposals and working plans. Entirely integrating customers resources, maintaining good relationships with clients, enhancing store management efficiency, as well as improving ourselves are our highest priorities now.



General manager – Mr. Liu concluded this meeting according to the previous contents as: 1. In this competitive era, we should develop diversely and learn initiatively; 2. Arrange our schedules wisely, strictly prohibit doing private things during work, and comply with the company’s rules and regulations; 3. Each employee should be cooperative with the headquarter, and should not refuse or delay work; 4. Get along with your coworkers, communicate regularly, and summing-up challenges in groups; 5. Regarding to the customer maintenance, employees can apply for supportive resources or holding tasting party, communicate with our clients frequently.



Ms. Zhang , the CEO of Meitao Trading praised the accomplishments reached by Juntao, and reported Meitao’s working scheme for June 2016 – importing more high quality products to enrich variety. In the meantime, Ms. Zhang suggested managers to make a specific plan and specialize assignments. We should also make an analyzing table to manage the big clients of the company, recording each costumer’s purchase and gathering their habits, we should communicate with customers actively and make a individualized sales plan for different clients. According to the various activities of the company, we can build up a specialized group to assign different work, and work together to solve the problems. In the end, Ms. Zhang pointed out that it is never too old to learn, we should make more notes, and work in groups for mutual supervision and improvement.



Afterwards,in order to let every employee get familiar with the new products, our company arranged several trainings about wine knowledge.



Professional wine lecturer from Bule taught us knowledge of Australia wine, and leaded the Q&A part. Bule wine has won a lot of prizes in Australia.



And instructor of Daermo Whiskey told us the difference between blend whiskey and single malt, and explained its target clients by showing the shots of Kingsman.



Mr. Lingzui Liu introduced spirit through history, showed brewing techniques from ancient to modern, and explained it was mixed with history and modern technologies.



The meeting was ended in concluding and absorbing the knowledge.