Our next stop is Napa’s famous Beaulieu Vineyard. Just last week, Trevor Durling, a winemaker at BV, visited Guangzhou and Shenzhen in southern China. During that time, Juntao’s chairman David Zhang was invited to attend the BV’s activity. This time, when our CEO of Meitao visited the winery in Napa, Trevor Durling and John Hazak, two winemakers of BV, spent their time in discussing several important topics with us. Finally, thanks to BV’s sales representatives in China, Sam and Bobo.

Today’s discussion: the winemakers tell us that September and October are their busiest times of the year. When Ms. Zhang asked about this year’s grape harvest? They both replied happily: “great! The weather this year is excellent from grape flowering to fruiting to ripening. 2018 is another great year! “When we talk about the recent sensitive topic – tariffs, Trevor told us, “it doesn’t really matter for a while! Especially BV’s high-end wine! “Actually, a one that loves wine would know, American wine is worth every cent of it.

Our tasting notes: we had tasted six different private reserved BV wine, and they are 1985, 1996, 2008… The oldest one was 1985, and its color has become brick red with slightly sediment on the bottom. Moreover, its aroma was quietly elegant! In the long oxidation process of aging, the acid and tannin have gradually decreased! Today’s 2008 is Zhang’s favorite!