Date: April 21, 2018
Venue: conference room on the third floor of the general office
Personnel: Juntao management
On April 21st, our company successfully held the third management committee and staff fund management committee election conference in the meeting room on the third floor of the general office.

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Votes summary

Meeting, each department head, and stores each vote for out of the sacred, fair, open and fair elections out of the third management committee fund management committee members and employees. Here, I would like to extend warm congratulations on the election of the new members.

Jung tao management committee was established in early 2014, in the first, second, with the help of the management committee members of Juntao overcame real economy difficult, wine industry adjustment difficulties, and abroad, and California in the United States to set up the company. With your efforts, our company has nearly 20 direct chain stores, including Juntao famous tobacco and wine chain and liquor excellence chain. Hope Juntao standing committee of the third session of the management committee members, you continue to work hard and hard for the development of Juntao, happy for the well-being of employees, for customers, for social harmony, a bigger contribution for the country’s prosperous and strong!

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My parent company’s chairman’s instructions: we can’t stay in the first two session of marking time like that, no progress, we must have the courage to innovation, autonomy, to take on responsibilities, struggle for the company’s performance. Let’s cheer together!

Juntao cigarettes and wine, thank you for having you!