Vintage: 2015

Varietal: Les Mis

Appellation: Paso Robles

Alcohol %: 12.8


The grapes were hand harvested, crushed, then cold soaked for 40 hours prior to barreling free run juice for fermentation in seasoned French oak barrels. The wine was aged on its lees passively for averaging 5 weeks prior to bottling. This process produced a richer mouthfeel and allowed the wine to be bottled with minimal filtration.

Tasting notes:
Enticing aromas of strawberries and Mandarin oranges predominate with some subtle hints of lavender in the background. This wine has a somewhat fleshy, supple mid-palate followed by a clean, crisp finish.

No need for lengthy aging. This delightful wine is designed to be consumed while young and fresh. While traditionally chosen for warm spring and summer days, this wine will enhance all classic fall and winter holiday feasts.

Food selection:
As you might have surmised from the reference above, we feel this is the wine for all poultry courses, salmon and sundry appetizers. It is wonderful with picnic or sit-down lunches, serving well as the soup or appetizer course wine.