On September 22nd, Meitao CEO Ms. Haiyan Zhang flew to Northern California and met with our clients from China. Ms. Zhang has taken our Chinese clients to a depth Winery tour in Napa Valley.

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Girard Winery is one of our suppliers in Napa Valley with high quality wines. Ms. Zhang and our Chinese Clients had received warm welcome and greetings from the sales manger and winemaker.

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During the 3 decades of operation, Girard has been pursuing to produce high quality wines representing the leading New World wine producing region. The development period of Girard Winery is also a reflection of the increasingly glorious stage of Napa Valley Wines in the field of wines among the world.

Girard Winery attaches great importance to grape maturity, ensures the quality of grapes and is committed to brewing Napa Valley characteristic wines. Through the use of good local climate conditions, Girard Winery has cultivated batches of batches fine wine grapes, and build a strong and highly acclaimed California Wine brand.

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Winemaker had shown a few different vintages of wine samples and explain to the guests. It is worth mentioning that 2014 Girard Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley was selected to serve the dinner when Chinese Chairman Xi Jingping and Madam Peng Liyuan met with President Trump during their visit in April.

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Winemaker explained that for this blend, Cabernet was sourced from various vineyards throughout Napa Valley – St Helena, Rutherford, Atlas Peak, Yountville & Diamond Mountain – making this a well-rounded wine and a true representation of Napa Valley appellations. Our Chinese clients spoke highly of this wine and said no wonder it would be selected for the “Presidents’ Dinner”.


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A special guided tour to the Castello di Amorosa Winery and Castle, Ms. Zhang wanted to show our Chinese clients the production and aging process of California wines, and give them an understanding that why California wines can win out so many wines from around the world with their unique high qualities.


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Taking a ride on the hot air balloon above Napa Valley in the sky gives our guests a unique and fantastic experience to appreciate the breath-taking view of Napa Valley, and a full glance at the vineyards from a very different angle. The unique nature and climate conditions have shown our guests that under this rich special soil, Napa Valley is making world’s best quality wine.

After this special winery tour to Napa Valley, our guests said that this was an unforgettable experience and they are very happy to get a deeper understanding of Napa Valley wines. Napa Valley wines will be their primary choice when considering future purchases.