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On Sep. 6th, 2017, Meitao CEO Ms. Haiyan Zhang has paid a visit to Rotta Winery in Paso Robles to explore their wines. It was quite a coincidence to get to know Rotta Winery. Earlier this year in March, Ms. Zhang went on a wine exploring trip to Mendoza, Argentina and got to know that the owner of Budeguer Winery owns a winery in Paso Robles as well — Rotta Winery. Paso Robles is known as one of the best wine producing regions in California, Ms. Zhang decided to pay a visit to Rotta Winery.

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Rotta Winery has a very long history beginning 1856 when Adolph Siot, a French immigrant first planted the wine grapes. The winery sits on some of the finest grape growing soils in the famed Willow Creek District of the West side of Paso Robles. These soils are laden with old marine fossils and the occasional chunk of the famed Paso “whale bone”.

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Being one of the furthest West appellations nestled in the heart of the Templeton Gap,  the climate is heavily influenced by the proximity to the Pacific Ocean and the hills and valleys that surround Rotta Winery. The result is warm sunny days and cool nights with temperatures falling 30 degrees in the late afternoon. This diurnal fluctuation is cornerstone to maintaining the acidity levels in the grapes while slowly achieving perfect ripeness.

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Ms. Zhang has tasted several of their wines and spoke highly of them. She’s hoping to introduce some of the Rotta wines to our Chinese customers in the coming November Interwine Show.