Meitao CEO, Ms. Haiyan Zhang attended Wine Tasting Dinner (hosted by parent company Juntao in Yongtai Branch) with American winery partners in Guangzhou on Nov. 12th & 15th, 2016.


With the development of economic globalization, enterprises are now looking for opportunities outside of China. Going global has become a strategic direction for local enterprises. To expand bigger and become stronger, enterprises need to accept advanced operation principle and participate in international competition. Ms. Haiyan Zhang was appointed by parent company Juntao to establish a branch and open up market in the United States in 2014. Ms. Haiyan Zhang has paid business visits to a number of wineries in Washington State and Oregon State in America, and has become friend of many Wineries’ owners.

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The goal of the Wine Tasting Dinner is to share Chinese dining culture and wine culture with our American friends, and in the meantime exchange thoughts about current status in wine industry of both countries. More importantly, through mutual communication, we discover problems and solve problems with joint effort in order to enhance our further communication and cooperation.

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Cultural exchange plays a crucial part in enhancing world culture development as well as in promoting cultural globalization and diversities. Mr. Jianwei Zhang (CEO of Juntao) and Ms. Haiyan Zhang are dedicated to introduce Chinese Wine to our American friends. Through communication, they discuss the differences between Chinese wines and Western wines and wish to enhance mutual understanding of different wine cultures.

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After dinner, we introduced Chinese Karaoke to our American friends. They really enjoyed it.


Meitao is dedicated to be the “bridge” between China-US trade, to promote trade cooperation between the two countries, and to make contribution to China-US exchange.