Calipaso Winery 

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Having a strong passion for Paso Robles wines, Ms. Zhang continues her wine exploring trip here to Calipaso Winery on Sep. 6th, 2017. Here she got to learn about the history of this Italian style winery and their premium wines and grape varietals.

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Calipaso Winery lies between the two main California metropolises of Los Angeles and San Francisco. Located along California’s famed Central Coast, the climate is perfect for the production of premium wines, with the combination techniques of modernized and traditional wine-making method. The wines here are vibrantly ripened with dynamic fruit flavors.

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A bottle of good wine with friends gathering and sharing stories, this is what life is all about.



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Deep love and passion for Paso Robles wines, Ms. Zhang continues her exploring and learning trip in J·LOHR Winery.

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Located along California’s acclaimed Central Coast, J·LOHR Winery has more than 2,300 acres of estate vineyards in Paso Robles, which is now recognized as one of the world’s best spots for Cabernet Sauvignon, given the area’s rich soils and dramatic diurnal temperature swings between warm days and cool nights..

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Ms. Zhang likes J·LOHR wines because of their high quality grapes and they really focus on achieving the wine flavors.

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Here she found her favorite Petite Syrah. Ms. Zhang was very excited and said that the exploring of J·LOHR Winery was a big surprise. She is hoping to further communicate with winery owner and talk about potential cooperation.